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What the Rod Building community is saying about Gen 4

"In over 25 years of building rods, Generation 4 is the closest thing to a perfect guide wrap finish I have ever seen"---Bill Falconer, Falconer Custom Rods

I've used most other brands of epoxy on the market, and Generation 4 is the G.O.A.T---Jeremiah Billman

"Andy Dear has come up with an epoxy game changer"---Stephen Baum

"I have found my magic elixir!"---Jared Taylor, Taylor Custom Rods

"Man I have gone through some Generation 4, the clarity is off the hook...I love it"---Ryan Bailey

"Love the quality"---Juan Isidoro, winner of Fred Hall show custom rod contest

"You have revolutionized the finish industry...congratulations"---Kevin Knox, Angler's Envy Custom Rods

"I've been using the same finish professionally for 30 years. This is the first one that has compelled me to switch"---Jim Trelikes, Webspinner Custom Rods

"Generation 4 is the only epoxy that will ever touch my rods again. All other brands are ages behind Gen 4"---Sergio Platero

"An Incredible Product"---Karry Batson

I’ve been in the custom rod business since 1995, and have used every finish available. I am truly amazed by Generation 4 finish, “AMAZED”!---Darren Scaife, Fin Junkie Innovations

I've never used a better epoxy in my time rodbuilding than Gen's absolutely perfect---Matt Fritz