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"I've been using the same finish professionally for 30 years. This is the first one that has compelled me to switch"---Jim Trelikes, Webspinner Custom Rods

 Over 2 years in development, Generation 4 guide wrap finish is quickly setting new standards in the rodbuilding community for "on the wrap" performance. Gen4 provides the discriminating craftsman with the most robust set of performance properties in the industry. Featuring the most chemically advanced air release protocol (XAR) on the market, and now with our new UV2 ultraviolet inhibitor, Gen 4 has become the "clear choice" for high performance guide wrap coatings. For more detailed information, click the User Guide & TDS download below.

Generation 4 is available in both high and low build viscosities and is packaged in 4oz. 8oz. 16oz, 32oz, gallon and 2 gallon kits.

Generation 4 User Guide & Technical Data Sheet Download