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I must say, BladeBond Extreme is the best product I've ever used.---Shawn Bruwer, Shawn Bruwer Knives, South Africa


BladeBond Ultra is an unadulterated high performance Polyamine based epoxy system designed that exhibits outstanding permanence on a wide variety of surfaces including hard to bond substrates like oily woods. BladeBond Ultra will never shrink and is formulated to retain flexability under all environmental circumstances. When fully cured BladeBond Ultra can can be machined, drilled and tapped, and is totally immune to, and unaffected by water, rot and most common solvents and chemicals. Available in 4oz. and 8oz. kits. Larger sizes available upon request.

BladeBond Edge 15 is a quick curing, mercaptan based adhesive designed specifically for high production environments that demand quick turnaround time combined with robust physical properties. Edge 15 gives the high production Bladesmith an extra 10 minutes of working time over the more common 5 minute formualtions. A disticnt advantage when assembling complex parts that require adjustment and cleanup before the adhesive cures. Available in 4oz. and 8oz. kits. Larger sizes available upon request.

BladeBond HT is an exciting new product developed specifically for the hidden tang (stick tang) style of handle of handle construction. BladeBond HT has a viscosity similiar to vegetable oil which allows it to fill handle cavities efficiently and completely. Unlike the rifle bedding compounds currently being used for hidden tang construction, BladeBond HT is measured in a simple 2:1 mix and reaches a tack free workable state in 3 hours. Available in 6oz. and 12oz. kits. Larger sizes available upon request.

BladeBond Extreme features the most robust  performance set of any 1:1 epoxy on the open market. Extreme excels in the most demanding environments, and boasts an astounding maximum service temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  BladeBond Extreme is a "toughened" system, which yields much higher performance when stressed in the peel/shear dimension. Additionally it has much better tensile adhesion on hard to bond synthetic substrates. If you demand the highest performance properties in a 1:1 mix with no post cure processing, BladeBond Extreme is the epoxy for you. Available in 4oz. and 8oz. kits. Larger sizes available upon request.

Watch the epoxy torture test done by master bladesmith Walter Sorrels to see how BladeBond stacks up against the competition